30 september 2009

Daily Drawing #1

Today I'm going to start something new. I got inspired by Melissa's blog (160 Pages). She tries to draw everyday because she wants more creativity in her life. I think this is a great initiative which inspires me to start this as well. Because I'm from the Netherlands, I will write the text, notes and dates in Dutch. Here is my first post:

Daily Drawing #1

My drawings will contain monsters, fantasy creatures and so on because I simply suck at realistic drawing. I tried a few times but I fail, every single time. This doesn't mean I will never draw something realistic again because I realy want to learn it! But every one has got their own style, and I think this is mine.

I hope you'll enjoy this new, creative journey of mine and that it will inspire others to join me!


In from 2004 till 2007 I did a lot of drawing with my little nephew. In that time, he was a huge fan of Pokemon and monsters so most of the drawings were about Pokemon or monsters. Most of the time when I was with them, he came to me and asked: "Kathy, lets draw some more monsters!" And so we did. Here are two creatures I made: Lativia. The first one is when it's young, and the second one is when it's grown up (see it as a pokemon evolution):

Lativia, first fase

Lativia, second fase

These drawings are still blank. I'm thinking about colouring them, so you'll might see them back again in a later post.

In that time, I also made my nephew a 'Monsterbook'. We were drawing little monsters which I cut out and pasted into the book. It was so cool! I should ask him if he still has got this book, so I can scan it in and post it here. Stay tuned!

29 september 2009

Baby Pictures

Oh my, it's so strange to see all these pictures for the first time in my life! A few months ago I started this 'quest'and now I'm continuing: Scanning in my babypix!

"Dad, you should get all our old pictures from the attic so I can scan them in" I said to my dad a few months ago. The next day, a big box was standing in my room and when I opened it, I saw all these picturebooks. Some were realy, realy old! I started scanning and exploring all these old pictures. One of the books contained pictures from my father's childhood and another one contained all the weddingpictures from my aunts and uncles.

A wedding in the 60's

Right now, I'm scanning in the last album. I'm at the point where we were 2 years old. We? Yes, we! You see, I'm one of an identical twin! It's pretty annoying because at some pictures I cannot tell if it's me or not,hahaha!

Twins on Board!

Birth of the Twins

Twins with mom and dad

Something which keeps me amazed is the fact that I'm on the picture, but I cannot remember when this picture was taken. Pictures are like memories, which can be touched.

Hello, I'm new to this world

28 september 2009

Fantasy Creature 1

So, I love to draw! Every once in a while, the draw-virus catches me and I start drawing like hell. It started when I was little and right now I realise what triggers this virus: inspiration. The past few months I stumble a lot trought blogs from other creative people and sometimes I get to see some very cool stuf. This inspires me and makes me want to draw too.

So here is a drawing I made in 2007. I can't remember when exactly, I only know I made it while I was at Aruba. I did my internship over there so during those six months, my room-mate inspired me very often ;)

Fantasy Creature 1

So, what do you think of it?

27 september 2009

Our couch

Today, Dennis and I bought our last piece of furniture: the couch!
We went to Heylen in Belgium this morning because a few months ago, we saw this couch and we immediately feld in love with it.

The 4-seat

It's made of a sand-coloured fabric and when you sit in it, you sink a little deeper into it.. just so soft.. It's the perfect couch for relaxing! We bought a 3-seat and a 1,5-seat and I have already claimed the 1,5 seat haha! I can imagine myself lying in it with a cup of tea and a good book!

Our 1,5 seat

Unfortunately it will take some time befor our house is finished. We got the key on the 27th of July, a few days befor we went on vacation so since were back, we are reconstructing the house. The progress is going very fast but here is still lots of things to do. At this point we think we can move in at the beginning of May 2010.

21 september 2009

The official start

Finely, here is my first official post on this blog! The previous one is technically my first one but since it has no real message, I'll ignore it.

So, here you can expect posts with a creative touch. I will be blogging about crafting, cooking, creating, drawing, designing, living, working, inspiration and so on.

Here is some background info about Typical Kathy. First I started with my own website (www.kathyonline.nl) I actualy had a blog there but since blogging here is much more convenient, I will now use this website for my portfolio. Sometimes when needed, I will link back to KathyOnline.nl.

So, enjoy my blog en keep being creative!